Natasha Koroleva upset my mom Tarzan

Natasha Koroleva upset my mom TarzanNatasha is the Queen went on tour around Belarus and stopped to visit who lives in Minsk, the parents of her husband Tarzan Sergey Glushko.Popular singer, strictly blyuda the shape of a few disappointed his mother-in-law, refusing abundant food."I was at Seryozha parents. Mama Nina, I never have such a wonderful, all know how to cook anything! I had even refuse treats. Me from my husband was given strict orders not to eat, and Mama Nina prepares from morning to night in great numbers and always very tasty, said Natasha "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Didn't touch the singer and the brand of the Belarusian dish. "Me pancakes were a bad idea - potato is not part of my diet in any case. Mama Nina, however, was worried: "I've been cooking, who will it be?" But no, the figure in the first place, I don't want to then Serezha I did a home accent that I ate in Belarus unnecessary," said the Queen.The singer noted that relatives are worrying about rumors that are constantly stalking public figures. "I adapted to it long ago. Читать полностью -->

Medvedev expressed condolences to the family of Leo Nikolaev

Medvedev expressed condolences to the family of Leo NikolaevPresident of Russia Dmitry Medvedev expressed his condolences to the relatives of well-known TV presenter, the author of "Civilization" Lev Nikolaev, who died Saturday in the 74th year of life.As have informed in a press-service of the head of state, Medvedev noted that "a special place in the life and work of Lev Nikolaev held educational activities, and he did much to popularize the achievements of national and world science, and millions of viewers remembered as a bright and talented presenter".Lev Nikolayev was born on 16 November 1937. After graduating from MSU, faculty of physics and graduate school, he decided to devote himself to the documentary. Widely known through the work on television, where she was the author and presenter of programmes such as "unbelievable", "Under the sign of PI", "Civilization", "Geniuses and villains bygone era." Three times was awarded the prize of the Academy of Russian television "TEFI". Nikolaev is also known as the author of the scripts of more than one hundred documentary and popular science films, many of which were awarded prizes at Russian and international film festivals. Source: Medvedev expressed his condolences to the family of Leo Nikolaev. . Читать полностью -->

`Leningrad` released a new album called `Henna`

`Leningrad` released a new album called `Henna`The new album from reunited group "Leningrad" is called "Henna". This was reported in arrived in edition to "Lenty." press release of the label Soyuz Music, which is engaged in production of the disc.The disc goes on sale April 12. Just for the record get 15 tracks, many of which have already been published in the recording process on the official website of the "Leningrad".The tracklist of the album "Henna" is as follows:Sweet dreamAnd no one elseGoodbyeNo and no againAutopilotAutumn discoMaybeSongTiredF. Z.MishaTestslistFire and iceC. F. P. Читать полностью -->

Problem areas the first magnitude stars

Problem areas the first magnitude starsCelebrities are not perfect. Even they know it. Cellulite and moles to short legs - the stars are constantly conscious of its imperfection.Apparently, even Photoshop is not always able to hide it. We went digging and found 12 of the hottest women in Hollywood who speak candidly about their shortcomings. Do you like their honesty? Or they'd better just shut up?With photo gallery, you will see dozens of reasons why celebrities just as vulnerable as we are. And here is what they say about it:Kim Kardashian is not lacking in the sexy photos, but this does not mean that it fully satisfied its curvy shape. Читать полностью -->

Sarah Jessica Parker shared the secrets of his diet

Sarah Jessica Parker shared the secrets of his dietTo keep in shape star help exercise in combination with diet. However, a clear course of exercise she prefers classes in the "load on the muscles for as long as the strength".Even Sarah said that she liked yoga: "It keeps you on your toes, you feel toned and healthy." Also the star supports natural activity, running up the stairs instead of the Elevator, or walking on foot.In food Parker prefers foods rich in protein and consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. For Breakfast, the actress prefers a glass of iced tea for lunch eggs with bacon. For dinner, fish or chicken.All diets star prefers the so-called "cold". It is based on frozen food and quick-frozen fruits and berries. According to scientists, the cold food burns fat, so as to digest the cooled-down food, the body needs twice as much energy than the absorption of the same amount of warm. Читать полностью -->

Dolce and Gabbana lit at the party with Ksenia Sobchak

Dolce and Gabbana lit at the party with Ksenia SobchakRussian TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak won famous designers during the morning interview, and at night danced with the masters in a closed fashion after-parties.Anybody also could not think how relaxed Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana will feel in the society of Moscow party people! Designers off in full, indulging in drink.- Despite the fact that the party was held under the name of well known alcohol brand, Domenico insisted that he brought dry red wine, - told Life Showbiz the waitress in the VIP area angelina. - The most popular was, of course, champagne Martini. We had to drive up another batch!Famous Italians do not hesitate even a curious crowd gathered to stare at them. Dolce and Gabbana, forgetting about everything except Xenia A., succumbed to the music.- Domenico and Stefano drove into the Garage just for an hour, but during this short period were kings of the dance floor - shared with Life Showbiz party guests. - The guard asked not to disturb their rest. The security guard stood aside, watching the events from afar.After secular dinner at the Italian Embassy, the designers went to a party at the contemporary arts Center belonging to the bride Roman Abramovich, known socialite Daria Zhukova.There the star guests were waiting excited the audience, dressed in identical t-shirts from the Dolce & Gabanna. Читать полностью -->

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